In the present age when corporate social responsibility (CSR) influences the existence of the company greatly, safety management in the plant and the quality control of the product is of increasing importance.
A management standard becomes severe in the manufacturing process, and the management technique is heightened and becomes complicated, so that a defect does not flow out into the next process. In the production factories which globalized, the companies must overcome reinforcement of the skill education, the difference in mental aspect and the problems of the mutual communication to strengthen quality control. In such situation, the effective good use of image processing machine progressed, and more accurate performance and more addition functions come to be demanded. We are aiming for "human-friendly" machine vision systems that have on-site convenient operation and the highest inspection technology, having a basic philosophy in the viewpoint of “ from the factory floor", and wants to contribute to quality and improvement of the production efficiency.
We are developing cost-effective own systems, but also executing several joint projects with excellent Grobal Network worldwide, and we are going to propose the various “Turn-key Solution Systems” which are optimized to the quality control demand of the customers, from the package system to custom development product widely. We hope that the customers use our products habitually and continuously, and thank you in advance.


President CEO Akio Hirasawa