X-Ray CT Analysis Software VX3D

X-Ray CT Analysis Software VX3D 2.0 (Standard Package)

X-Ray CT Analysis Software VX3D Lite 2.0 (Limited Edition of Viewer Function)

Solution of x-ray CT imaging processing, image reconstruction, volume visualization and
image anaylysis.
Fast movement and intuitive operation.

VX3D is 3DII’s software platform for the visualization and analysis of CT data.
VX3D offers intuitive visualization solutions, such as auto cropping,clipping, and zoom cube functions.
VX3D also provides users with various measurement tools and powerful reporting functions for 2D or 3D
data analysis.
VX3D was specially developed for practical and industrial CT applications. VX3D is able to perform
defect analysis for industrial purposes by adding optional modules, such as VXPI (porosity detection module).

  • ● Fast movement and intuitive operation
  • ● 2D and 3D visualization of volume data
  • ● High speed volume rendering processing with full advantage of GPU performance
  • ● Less stress operation and preview function realized by hugh-speed processing
  • OS:Windows 7,8 64-bit
  • RAM (Minimum):2GB
  • RAM (Recommended):Memory of more than three times the maximum data size
  • GPU:GPU sompatible with DirectX 10.1 (or more) *1
  • HDD:Minimum 2GB of free space
  • *1 There may be exceptions.

    ① High quality volume rendering

  • Display with a stress-free operation by powerful hardware
    Preset function without cumbersome operation.

    ② Filtering

  • Adjustable filter bu watching the preview

    ③ Measurement

  • Can be displayed in 3D volume rendering side.

    ④ Sculpting

  • Polygon sculpting process with a simple mouse
    History function of 256 stacks.

    ⑤ Mesh Extraction・STL Outpot

  • Extract mesh data from volume data. Possible to output mesh
    data tp STL file.

    ⑥ Zoom Cube

  • Enlarged display on the specific area.

    ⑦ Superimpose

  • Represent the slice portion of MPR with superimpose plane.

    ⑧ History function

  • Undo/Redo function.
    Stack size 100,000.